products • Cara-plus

•Built around proven Cara technology

•Can be customised for many application

•Suitable for all vehicle types

•Simple to install

•Reconstruct and replay incidents and   crashes

•Interface to PC-Crash

•Monitor driving style

•Protect passengers and valuable cargo


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Cara-plus is a range of premium crash recorders based on proven Cara technology.  Designed for Public Service, Fleet and Haulage users, Cara-plus gathers comprehensive information to manage driver performance and deter exaggerated or fraudulent insurance claims.

At the heart of  Cara-plus are two accelerometers with a mass storage device.  In addition to these basic features Cara-plus can be customised to include a CAN-bus interface, GPS journey logging, speed and skid detection (Yaw).  The  internal memory provides the ability to record many days of information.

An optional video interface allows real time data from Cara-plus crash recorders to be overlaid onto existing CCTV recording systems.

Information is easily downloaded to a PC via a USB connection for analysis.  In the event of a crash the data can be imported into PC-Crash to reconstruct the accident.

A customised Cara-Plus crash recorder developed for a Swiss hire by the hour car rental company.  The crash recorder signals the vehicles onboard telematic system to report an incident, enabling the hire company to prevent the use of an unsafe vehicle.