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PC-Crash is a collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents. Results can be viewed as 2D or 3D-animations and detailed reports, tables and graphs.


PC-Crash has an innovative collision model that efficiently balances simplicity and accuracy in reconstructing vehicle collisions.


Information from Blacktrack crash recorders can be remotely or locally imported into PC-Crash for automatic report generation.  This enables insurance companies and crash re-constructionists to quickly assess an accident to validate driver and witness reports and personal injury claims.


•Specially designed interface for Cara crash  recorders

•Models multiple vehicle collisions

•Fast calculations of pre-crash, crash and  aftermath

•Automatic rendering of video animations

•Automatic report generation for key crash  data

•Car to car, car to motorcycle, car to  pedestrian collisions and occupant  movement can be modelled


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